Fellow of the American College of Bankruptcy – Class 35

The American College of Bankruptcy announced this week who will be inducted as Fellows in the 35h Class of the College at its Annual Meeting, March 2024, in Washington, D.C. I am excited to share that I am a member of this class. It is difficult to describe the excitement I felt when I learnt about it.

What is the Amercian College of Bankruptcy

The American College of Bankruptcy is an honorary public service association of United States and international insolvency professionals who are invited to join as Fellows based on a proven record of the highest standards of expertise, leadership, integrity, professionalism, scholarship, and service to the bankruptcy and insolvency practice and to their communities. The College facilitates the effective domestic and cross-border application of bankruptcy and insolvency laws and the administration of justice in the courts through, among other activities, conducting professional educational programs, sponsoring the publication of scholarly reports, and maintaining the National Bankruptcy Archives. The College also funds projects that improve the quality of bankruptcy law and practice, as well as access to justice, in particular through grants by its affiliated Foundation. The Foundation is believed to be the single largest financial supporter of pro bono bankruptcy services in the United States, contributing over $5 million since 2003. Underlying all of its work, the College is dedicated to enhancing professionalism, scholarship, and service in bankruptcy and insolvency law and practice, and to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion within the organization and across the insolvency profession.

Fellows of the American College of Bankruptcy

The new Fellows are being honored and recognized for their professional excellence and exceptional contributions to the bankruptcy and insolvency practice. Trish Redmond, Chair of the Board of Regents responsible for selecting these candidates, noted, “Representing a broad cross-section of our industry, these professionals exemplify the combination of exceptional talent and selfless service that is the hallmark of College Fellows. The Board of Regents is thrilled to welcome Class 35 and looks forward to celebrating each new Fellow in Washington DC this spring.”

Nominees are extended an invitation to join based on a sustained record of achievement. Candidates are selected by the College’s Board of Regents from recommendations of Circuit Admissions Councils in each federal judicial circuit and Judicial and International Nominating Committees.

College Fellows include United States and international business and consumer bankruptcy attorneys, judges and other government officials, corporate turnaround specialists, accountants, financial advisors, academics and other professionals who are experts in the field of bankruptcy and insolvency. Criteria for selection as a Fellow of the College include: the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, character, integrity, professional expertise and leadership contributing to the enhancement of bankruptcy and insolvency law and practice; sustained evidence of scholarship, teaching, lecturing or writing on bankruptcy or insolvency; community service; and commitment to elevating knowledge and understanding of the profession and public respect for the practice.